Expert Reviews: 4 Best Undercounter Wine Coolers 

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When you have good-quality wine around your home, it requires a top-quality wine cooler to ensure that it is stored well. Most of the time, freestanding wine coolers have been the preference, but customers’ preferences are changing. 

Most customers now prefer to use a portable under counter wine cooler, especially when they are living alone. 

You don’t need to search for the “best wine fridge UK or US” to find the best under counter wine cooler. Rather an expert review can go a long way in helping you make the best decision while buying a wine cooler of this type. 

Below are some of the best under counter wine coolers you can find in the market. 

  1. Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

Just as the name suggests, this product was made by Kalamera, and it can hold up to 30 bottles of wine. It is one of the best-selling under-counter wine fridges in the market, and this is because of its qualities. 

It uses LED lights to minimize the number of ultraviolet rays that the wine is exposed to. It also has a temperature control system, and 40 degrees to 66 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature zone range of the cooler. 

The cooler is about 14.9 inches wide, and also a carbon filter is available to prevent unwanted odour. It also has two interior fans with a compressor system that ensures minimal vibration while it is running. 

  1. Smad Compressor Wine Cooler

Smad Compressor Wine Cooler has a bottle capacity of about 28 bottles, and it features three shelves. This is a compressor wine cooler that is very quiet with a decibel rating of just 39. 

This is outstanding because the compressor refrigerator hums a lot and thus makes a lot of noise. The downside of this wine cooler is that it has just one temperature zone, and it is between 40 to 60 Fahrenheit. 

If you are looking for solid functionality and performance with a good design in a wine cooler, this product might be the right option. 

  1. Hisense 54-Bottle Wine Cooler

This product is made by Hisense and can hold up to 54 bottles of wine, making it an option for long storage. It is sleek in appearance with a digital display and six shelves for holding wine. 

This product is mostly known for having a low energy output, and it features a glass door that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. This wine chiller runs on the compressor system, and it comes at an affordable price despite its numerous features. 

The temperature ranges from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit with a unit measurement of 23.4 inches to 33.9 inches. 

  1. EdgeStar CWR5631FD

EdgeStar CWR5631FD uses dual-zone temperature technology with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is affordable considering its size, and it has a digital control system for more convenience. 

The glass is UV rays resistant to ensure that your wine is properly stored. The only downside that EdgeStar CWR5631FD has is that it is a little bulky and can only be installed in spacious kitchens. 


Getting the best under counter wine cooler depends on the reviews and the features. Buying one without considering this can lead to bad choices. Hisense 54-Bottle Wine Cooler, EdgeStar CWR5631FD, Smad Compressor Wine Cooler, and Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler are some of the best options in the market. 


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